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ColoMARK – new MSCA network

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Members of TRANSCOLONCAN will launch from November on the MSCA Doctoral Network ColoMARK. ColoMARK has been awarded for 2.6M€ to foster a new generation of young researchers with outstanding multidisciplinary skills.

Nine teams led by Drs Viallon (IARC), Hughes (UCD), Heitzer (MUG), Tuit (GenomeScan), Pernagallo (DESTINA Genomica), Gironella (FCRB), van Wezel (LUMC), Neves (UDüsseldorf) and Fernandez-Rozadilla (IDIS), will synergistically mentor 10 PhD students to generate novel biomarkers for CRC risk, diagnosis and monitoring using state-of-the-art liquid biopsy approaches. Additional partners, including Drs Naccarati and Pardini (IIGM), Qiagen, the EACR, SERGAS and the Patient Voice in Cancer Research will provide complementary transversal training.