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Sep-Oct 30-1 2019


Working Group 4 meeting

30rd September - 01st October 2019

Krakow, Poland

We are planning for an instructive workshop on functional genomics (chaired by Sreeparna Banerjee and Romina Briffa) for the first day and focus on our own matters for the second day. A focus on Functional genomics within our WG4 is targeted although other matters related to other WGs can be also discussed. As expressed in Skopje, WG3 and WG4 are quite related. An update form the different committees is also envisioned. It will be a working groups-only meeting so it will not include a management committee meeting. Therefore, MC members will not be compulsory invited following COST regulations. Therefore, participants will have to earn their participation on merits, expressing their interest for attending according to the alignment of this meeting with their current research. To do so, you can start sending your expression of interest including an abstract of a potential research presentation you could deliver in this meeting. Your email should be directed to the following committee members (their emails are on our website):

  • WG4 committee: Regine Schneider-Stock, Noel de Miranda, Laura Valle, Sreeparna Banerjee and Fabienne Hermitte.
  • Meetings, workshops  and local committee: Tom van Wezel, Manuel Teixeira, Tamara Cacev, Romina Briffa, Lukasz Skalniak, Richarda de Voer, Sergi Castellví-Bel.

Deadline for expression of interests is 19/07/19

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020