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Jun 1-3 2022


Final TRANSCOLONCAN meeting 2022

June 1-3, 2022

Barcelona (Spain)

Final meeting of the Action. It will include a MC+WG meeting the first day and subsequent 2-day workshop open to the entire scientific community showcasing the achieved results from this network.

The workshop has the tentative title "Identification of biomarkers for colorectal cancer - a translational workshop from the TRANSCOLONCAN network".

2-day international workshop mainly with participants from our Action as speakers, preceded by a 1-day MC+WG meeting addressing everything going on and closing up our Action.

MC members will be invited. Young researchers and ITC participants will be encouraged to participate.

A special issue will be also produced with 1-2 articles from each WG. A dissemination video summarizing results achieved by this Action will be recorded.

Participants will have to earn their participation on merits, expressing their interest for attending according to the alignment of this meeting with their current research. To do so, you need to send your expression of interest including an abstract of a potential research presentation.

Your email should be directed to the Chair (Sergi Castellvi-Bel, sbel(ELIMINAR)@clinic.cat) and Vice-Chair of the Action (Richarda de Voer, Richarda.deVoer(ELIMINAR)@radboudumc.nl).

Deadline for expression of interests is 17/04/2021.

Recordings for this meeting are available at:

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020