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Mar 18-19 2021


Management Committee + Working Group 3 meeting

March 18-19, 2021

Bucharest (Romania)

This meeting will focus on Tumor profiling (WG3). It will include a Management Committee meeting. Therefore, official MC members will be compulsory invited following COST regulations.

WG3 focuses on the genomic, epigenomic and transcriptional profiling of colorectal adenomas and carcinomas in a multiregion analysis fashion in order to identify novel biomarkers with prognosis and predictive value for CRC patient stratification.

The general focus of this meeting will be to generate genomic, epigenomic and transcriptional profiling of adenomas and CRC and to integrate the data generated with clinical features to identify new biomarkers for prognosis and prediction of treatment response. We are planning for an instructive workshop for the first day and focus on our own matters for the second day. Potential collaborative projects regarding WG3 in this specific topic will be discussed and emphasis will be made on realistic objectives that can be achieved on the near future by participants as a collaborative effort.

Besides official MC members, additional participants will have to earn their participation on merits, expressing their interest for attending according to the alignment of this meeting with their current research. To do so, you need to send your expression of interest including an abstract of a potential research presentation related to WG3. Your email should be directed to the following committee members (their emails are on our website):

  • WG3 committee: Jordi Camps, Romina Briffa, Beatriz Carvalho, Andreas Scorilas, Bart Janssen-GenomeScan.
  • Meetings, workshops and local committee: Tom van Wezel, Manuel Teixeira, Tamara Cacev, Elena Ionica, Richarda de Voer, Sergi Castellví-Bel.

Deadline for expression of interests is 22/01/2021.

COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020