This Action aims at using innovative translational research to identify colorectal cancer biomarkers for personalized medicine that will improve screening, early detection and disease follow-up, and attain better tumor profiling, state-of-the-art functional characterization of genetic variants and new therapy approaches

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  • Cooperation studies on inherited susceptibility to colorectal cancer
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October 30-31, 2020

Annual Congress of Liquid Biopsy. ISLB

This congress is organized by some participants of our COST Action (María José Serrano, Juan José Díaz, Carmen Garrido, José Antonio Lorente) and we are disseminating it to other participants in case they may be interested.

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Bucharest (Romania)

March 18-19, 2021

Management Committee + Working Group 3 meeting

This meeting will focus on Tumor profiling (WG3). It will include a Management Committee meeting. Therefore, official MC members will be compulsory invited following COST regulations.

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Special issue of Non-Coding RNA

Friday, 16 October 2020

Dr Barbara Pardini, participant of the COST Action TRANSCOLONCAN from the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine, has been appointed guest editor of the special issue of Non-Coding RNA entitled "Non-coding RNAs as Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers: Mechanisms of Action and Treatment Options".

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COST is supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020