This Action aims at using innovative translational research to identify colorectal cancer biomarkers for personalized medicine that will improve screening, early detection and disease follow-up, and attain better tumor profiling, state-of-the-art functional characterization of genetic variants and new therapy approaches

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  • Cooperation studies on inherited susceptibility to colorectal cancer
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Bucharest (Romania)

March 18-19, 2021

Management Committee + Working Group 3 meeting

This meeting will focus on Tumor profiling (WG3). It will include a Management Committee meeting. Therefore, official MC members will be compulsory invited following COST regulations.

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MICAfrica project

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Prof. Leila Ammar-Keskes, TRANSCOLONCAN participant from Tunisia, will coordinate the project entitled "Towards a North-African Consortium of the Human Microbiome (NACHM) through strengthening the Capacities in Microbiome Analysis for Human Diseases at University of Sfax"

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